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Currently the research focus Kiel Life Science (KLS) at Kiel University comprises six faculties, 40 departments and roughly 80 scientific members. In addition to researchers from the three founding faculties of Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, KLS also includes members of the faculties of Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Business, Economics and Social Sciences. Together, these researchers represent a comprehensive spectrum of scientific expertise which is further broadened by strong interactions with external partner institutions. Thus cooperation across disciplinary borders is encouraged to advance life science research in Kiel. A written application must be made for membership in the research focus, on approval it remains effective for five years. There are two types of membership:

Full members are tenured professors directing joint projects:

Full members

Research group leaders, private lecturers (“Privatdozenten”) and post-doctoral scientists can apply for an associated membership of the research focus:

Associated members

KLS currently includes members of six faculties at Kiel University:

Members according to faculties

Current Research



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  • 17:00: KON-Seminar (Markus Hoffmann): Does smoking prevent from HPV-associated head and neck cancer?
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  • 17:00: KON-Seminar (Christine Selhuber-Unkel): Single cell mechanics and adhesion - lessons from biophysics
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  • 17:00: KON-Seminar (KON-Members): Equipment Speed DatingTechnologies, Part II: What do we need?
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