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KLS Young Scientist Programme

Annually, call starts in December

The call for proposals for the KLS Young Scientist Programme 2021 is now open until January 31, 2021. Please read the poster for details.

Poster 2021 (pdf)
Application form 2021 (pdf)


  • Early Stage postdocs (0-4 years after PhD)
  • Experienced postdocs (0-6 years after PhD)


  • For Early Stage Postdocs: Application 0 to 4 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant)
  • For Experienced Postdocs:
    • Application 0 to 6 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant)
    • Previous submission of at least one application for a project grant concerning a different research project to the DFG or a similar funding body
  • The postdoc needs to work in the laboratory of a KLS member PI
  • The research should be conducted in a research area of KLS and address a life science topic


  • Quality of the research project
  • Innovative research idea
  • Feasibility of proposed timeline
  • Interdisciplinary project and applicant. Applicants should demonstrate knowledge from different KLS-relevant research areas.


Winners 2020




Category: Early Stage Postdoc

Dr. Louise Thingholm

AG Franke

Role of bacterial dysbiosis and translocation for liver damage and outcome of gastric bypass operation 

9.000 €

Dr. Mohammed Zidane  

AG Thaller

Identification And characterization of NRF2 Signaling Pathway Polymorphisms Associated With The Natural Variation In Immunocompetence and Oxidative Stress Response 10.000 €

Cytegory: Experienced Postdoc
Was not awarded


Winners 2019




Category: Early Stage Postdoc

Dr. Montserrat Torres Oliva

AG Franke

Differences in centriole elongation could explain body size adaptation in Svalbard reindeer

10.000 €

Dr. rer. Nat. Matthias Voss

AG Rose-John

Systematic analysis of proteolysis-dependent secretion of Golgi-resident enzymes

5.000 €

Dr. Alejandra Zárate-Potes

AG Schulenburg

Natural variation in a master transcriptional regulator potentially mediates strain­specific responces with a natural pathogen

5.000 €

Category: Experienced Postdoc

Dr. Julia Keppler
Dr. Friederike Zunke
Dr. Philipp Arnold

AG Schwarz,
AG Rose-John,
AG Lucius

Analyzing structural characteristics of pathological and functional amyloids
- a joint approach of Biochemistry/Anatomy/Food technology -


18.000 €


Winners 2018

Name Title Support 
Category: Junior Postdocs
Julia Johnke
AG Schulenburg
Identification and characterization of rare species in the C. elegans microbiome using metagenomics 5,000 €
Steffen Riethmüller
AG Alban
Untersuchung molekularer Mechanismen neuer Faktor XIa inhibierender sulfatierter Glykane mittels Bio-Layer-Interferometrie 5,000 €
Christian Wöhle
AG Dagan
Metaorganisms and phototrophy in the dark: A non-photosynthetic role of temporal plastid endosymbiosis? 5,000 €
Category: Experienced Postdocs
Corinna Bang
AG Franke
Uncovering changes in microbial gut composition upon immune therapies in MS patients 20,000 €
Meike Stumpp
AG Leippe
Gastro-intestinal health: the balance between gut microbes and gastric pH in two basal deuterostome models 24,640 €
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