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KLS Award for Early Career Postdocs

Annually, call starts in July

Prizes: 2 x 6,000€ (including 6,000€ for research, one prize per category), application will be sorted into one category (Medicine, Non-Medical Life Sciences).


  • Research activities must be focused on medical or non-medical life sciences
  • Application max. 3 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant)
  • Outstanding doctoral thesis
  • Excellent research quality
  • Postdoc must be working in a KLS member institute or clinic

The application period for 2021 is open. Deadline for submissions is September 03rd 2021. Please see the poster (pdf) for more information. In case of questions, you are welcome to contact Nadine Höft (

KLS Postdoc Award Winners 2020:

Category Med Dr. Sascha Rahn (AG Becker-Pauly)          
Category Med Dr. Elisa Rosati (AG Franke)
Category Non-Med Dr. João Botelho (AG Schulenburg)
Category Non-Med Dr. Malte Rühlemann (AG Franke)

KLS Postdoc Award Winners 2019:

Category Med Dr. Florian Tran (AG Schreiber/Rosenstiel)
Category Non-Med Dr. Hamed Rajabi (AG Gorb)


KLS Postdoc Award Winners 2018:

Category Med Dr. Friederike Zunke (AG Rose-John) 
Category Non-Med Dr. Andrey N. Pravdivtsev (AG Hövener)


KLS Postdoc Award Winners 2017:

Category Med Dr. Marcus Schewe (AG Baukrowitz)        
Category Non-Med Dr. Camilo Barbosa (AG Schulenburg)


KLS Postdoc Award Winners 2016:

Category Med Dr. Eva Ellinghaus (AG Franke)                
Category Non-Med Dr. Philipp Rausch (AG Baines)
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