Kiel Life Science

Symposium on Pathogen Evolution

20.07.2017 um 13:00 bis 21.07.2017 um 14:00

Zoologisches Museum Kiel

Kiel Evolution Center:
Symposium on Pathogen Evolution

20.&21. July 2017

Zoologisches Museum Kiel

Pathogens show an enormous potential to adapt to their host environment.

This includes adaptation to the host immune system and also the used repertoire of antibiotic drugs. Prominent examples are the evolution of distinct infection strategies of Mycobacterium pathogens, the causative agent of tuberculosis, or the current spread of multi-drug resistance among infectious bacteria in clinical environments due to either rapid de novo evolution or horizontal acquisition of resistance mechanisms. Such rapid evolutionary dynamics are a particular challenge for treatment efficacy, yet they are usually ignored during development of novel therapy.

This symposium is dedicated to a better understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms and consequences of pathogen adaptation. It is hosted by the Kiel Evolution Center, the International Max Planck Research School for Evolutionary Biology, and the Leibniz Science Campus ‘Evolutionary Medicine of the Lung’ (EvoLUNG). It will bring together international and local scientists using an exciting range of distinct yet complementary research approaches, such as evolution experiments; genome characterizations of pathogens in human, animal, and plant populations; functional genetic analyses; or mathematical modeling. The information obtained may serve as a basis for improved design of sustainable therapy and may highlight the particular potential of translational evolutionary research and thus the application of evolutionary concepts to pressing current problems caused by infectious disease.

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  • ganztägig: RTG 1743 Genes, Environment and Inflammation
  • 10:00: KLS-Lecture "Nutrition - Environment - Microbiome"
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  • ganztägig: RTG 1743 Genes, Environment and Inflammation
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