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Promoting Young Scientists: ZMB Young Scientist Grants 2019

Dec 06, 2019

Caption: ZMB Young Scientist Grants 2019: Prof Philip Rosenstiel, die Awardees Dr Cecile Lorrain, Chen Lin, Hesham El Abd, Dr Fabian Nies (not pictured: Dr Florian Tran, Jonathan Josephs-Spaulding), Prof Eva Stukenbrock, Prof Tal Dagan, Prof Axel Scheidig). Credit: Christian Urban, Kiel University

To network the various life science disciplines and thus enable top-level research at the Kiel location: These are the goals pursued by the Center for Molecular Biosciences (ZMB) at Kiel University with its state-of-the-art research infrastructure. An important part of these activities is the active promotion of young scientists, which is intended to support interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research by young scientists from the life sciences in Kiel.

The flagship of these efforts are the so-called "ZMB Young Scientist Grants", which were awarded for the third time today, Friday, December 6. The winners of the 2019 award are:

Postdoctoral category

  • Dr Cecile Lorrain, Environmental Genomics, MPI Plön (AG Stukenbrock)
  • Dr Florian Tran, Molecular Cell Biology, IKMB, Kiel University (AG Rosenstiel)
  • Dr Fabian Nies, Genomic Microbiology, Institute for General Microbiology, Kiel University (AG Dagan)

Category PhD students

  • Hesham El Abd, Genetics & Bioinformatics, IKMB, Kiel & UKSH (AG Franke)
  • Jonathan Josephs-Spaulding, Medical Systems Biology, Institute for Experimental Medicine, Kiel University (AG Kaleta)
  • Chen Lin, Plant Developmental Biology and Physiology, Botanical Institute, CAU Kiel University (AG Sauter)


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