Kiel Life Science

KLS Young Scientist Programme

Annually, call starts in December


  • Early Stage postdocs (0-4 years after PhD)
  • Experienced postdocs (0-6 years after PhD)


  • For Early Stage Postdocs: Application 0 to 4 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant)
  • For Experienced Postdocs:
    • Application 0 to 6 years after having obtained the doctoral degree (date of document is determinant)
    • Previous submission of at least one application for a project grant concerning a different research project to the DFG or a similar funding body
  • The postdoc needs to work in the laboratory of a KLS member PI
  • The research should be conducted in a research area of KLS and address a life science topic


  • Quality of the research project
  • Innovative research idea
  • Feasibility of proposed timeline
  • Interdisciplinary project and applicant. Applicants should demonstrate knowledge from different KLS-relevant research areas.


Winners 2020




Category: Early Stage Postdoc

Dr. Louise Thingholm

AG Franke

Role of bacterial dysbiosis and translocation for liver damage and outcome of gastric bypass operation 

9.000 €

Dr. Mohammed Zidane  

AG Thaller

Identification And characterization of NRF2 Signaling Pathway Polymorphisms Associated With The Natural Variation In Immunocompetence and Oxidative Stress Response 10.000 €

Cytegory: Experienced Postdoc
Was not awarded


Winners 2019




Category: Early Stage Postdoc

Dr. Montserrat Torres Oliva

AG Franke

Differences in centriole elongation could explain body size adaptation in Svalbard reindeer

10.000 €

Dr. rer. Nat. Matthias Voss

AG Rose-John

Systematic analysis of proteolysis-dependent secretion of Golgi-resident enzymes

5.000 €

Dr. Alejandra Zárate-Potes

AG Schulenburg

Natural variation in a master transcriptional regulator potentially mediates strain­specific responces with a natural pathogen

5.000 €

Category: Experienced Postdoc

Dr. Julia Keppler
Dr. Friederike Zunke
Dr. Philipp Arnold

AG Schwarz,

Analyzing structural characteristics of pathological and functional amyloids
- a joint approach of Biochemistry/Anatomy/Food technology -


18.000 €


Winners 2018

Name Affiliation Support 
Category: Junior Postdocs (up to 5,000 €)
Julia Johnke Evolutionary Ecology Genetics (Prof. H. Schulenburg), Zoological Institute 5,000 €
Steffen Riethmüller Pharmaceutical Biology (Prof. S. Alban), Pharmaceutical Institute 5,000 €
Christian Wöhle Genomic Microbiology (Prof. T. Dagan), Institute of Microbiology 5,000 €
Category: Experienced Postdocs (up to 25,000 €)
Corinna Bang (Co-Applicant: Klarissa Stürner) Gentics and Bioinformatics (Prof. A. Franke), Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology  20,000 €
Meike Stumpp Comparative Immunobiology (Prof. N. Leippe), Zoological Institute 24,640 €
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